In Direct Appeal to the Dumbest Americans, Obama Claims the Republican Budget Will Poison Air, Water, Food — and Even Screw Up the Accuracy of Weather Forecasts

Obama’s speech yesterday on the economy and Paul Ryan. This also plundered new depths of cynicism and outright prevarication. But it’s an election year and Obama does not have one thing in his record to run on. He cannot point, nor can the Democrats, to one thing they have done and say, “You want more of this? Vote for us.” Not one, folks. There isn’t a single thing. Now, they’re gonna try to make Obamacare that, but the court might get in the way. But I want you to listen to Obama yesterday afternoon talking to his stenographers at the AP and the American Society of News Editors, the ASNE convention. The acronym is A-S-N-E. This was specifically during the Associated Press luncheon. I want you to listen to one sound bite. We’ll get into this in greater detail as the program unfolds. I want to do the judge stuff first. But I just want you to hear this, because this is an example of what we’re gonna be hearing from now through the election.

OBAMA: Two million mothers and young children would be cut from a program that gives them access to healthy food. There would be 4,500 fewer federal grants at the Department of Justice and the FBI to combat violent crime, financial crime, and help secure our borders. Hundreds of National Parks would be forced to close for part or all of the year. We wouldn’t have the capacity to enforce the laws that protect the air we breathe, the water we drink or the food that we eat. Our weather forecasts would become less accurate because we wouldn’t be able to afford to launch new satellites.

RUSH: Now, this is the worst of the worst that we’ve had from President Obama. This is shameful. It is sophomoric. It is sophistry. It is a blatant appeal to the dumbest Americans. It really is pathetic. It is beneath the office of the presidency. But it is an appeal to the stupidest of our people. Now, let me tell you about Ryan’s budget. This is what he’s talking about, is Paul Ryan’s budget. Paul Ryan’s budget doesn’t balance, what, ’til 2040? Paul Ryan’s budget is less than a trillion dollars smaller than Obama’s. Paul Ryan’s budget doesn’t cut anything. It takes a long time to balance. It shifts some things, but it’s not Draconian at all.



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