If Nobody Likes Mitt Romney, Why is He Leading Obama by Five in the Gallup Poll?

The Gallup poll has Romney ahead overall by a couple points. The Gallup poll has Romney ahead massively with independents. Then there is a CNN poll that shows almost the exact opposite. A lot of people have looked into that CNN poll. Do you know what the CNN poll does not tell us? The CNN poll did not break down what percentage of their respondents are Republican, Democrat, and independent. They don’t tell us that. And that happens to be very important in a poll like this. I don’t have time to get into all the details of this.
I’m gonna ask those of you in this audience to trust me, as I always do. The CNN poll… If you look at the cross tabs, if you look at the questions, if you the look of information that they provide, the CNN poll is worthless. It doesn’t mean anything. We don’t know what the sample sizes of the various self-identified parties are, why it’s a sample of 800-some-odd. The CNN poll has Romney down by nine points. It was probably done by their employee over there, Hilary Rosen. She’s who probably did the poll. The Gallup poll has these people scared to death. Let’s go to the Washington Post. This is a better way to illustrate this.
Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake: “Why the presidential race is going to be closer than you think.” Now, this Gallup poll (we shared with you the results of it yesterday) has started some fear in the Drive-By Media. And the ABC/Washington Post poll a while back didn’t help, either. That came out at the same time the New York Times poll came out that showed Obama with a 41% approval number. That’s about a month ago now. “In Gallup’s first tracking poll of the general election, Romney took 47% to Obama’s 45% nationally. Both men won 90% of their self-identified partisans, with Romney’s overall margin coming from his six-point edge among independent voters.”



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