Has mole at Fox News been smoked out?

The Fox News Channel says it knows who the mole is at the network who has been leaking inside information to an outside media agency.

The anonymous columnist and self-described mole raised eyebrows Tuesday after posting on Gawker.com the first of a series of “regular dispatches from inside the organization.”

The debut column featured a video of Mitt Romney’s off-the-record discussion with Fox anchor Sean Hannity. Romney talked about his wife’s love of horseback riding, and also poked fun at billionaire developer Donald Trump.

The second installment included talk and photos of the company’s bathrooms and a description of the “dreary” newsroom, where staffers are “constant worrying about an infestation from bedbugs, mice or some other vermin.”

The mole said Tuesday that after years working at Fox, “the final straw for me came last year.”

The mole’s main bone of contention is “The Fox Nation,” a news aggregator described as “an unholy mashup of the Drudge Report, the Huffington Post and a Klan meeting.”

“I am leaving. Sooner rather than later, I’m guessing. But I can’t just leave quietly, can I? Where’s the fun in that?” said the mole.

Today, a representative for Fox News told ABCNews.com they’ve identified the mole.



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