Hannity could be required to testify in Zimmerman

Syndicated radio host and Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity may be forced to testify about an off-the-record conversation he has told audiences he had with accused Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman.

Even though journalists are protected by a shield law in the state of Florida, some have said that Hannity’s role as a media commentator may disqualify him those protections. Andrew D. Manko, an adjunct instructor of mass media law at Florida State University, told The Daily Caller that Hannity does indeed qualify for those protections, but may have to testify anyway, depending on what was said in the private conversation.

“My sense is that the question of whether the privilege applies is very fact intensive,” Manko wrote TheDC in an email. “Hannity appears to meet the definition of a news reporter providing he met with Zimmerman as part of his regular duties on behalf of Fox.”



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