Gingrich: Will Do ‘Everything I Can’ To Help Romney If Nominated

Newt Gingrich acknowledged Sunday that his campaign is “operating on a shoestring,” as he signaled he is preparing to transition from candidate to surrogate in anticipation of Mitt Romney winning the nomination.

While not throwing in the towel just yet, the former House speaker spoke frequently in past tense about his presidential bid in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.” He said he wants to continue to try and influence the party platform, but said he’s already discussed with the Republican National Committee how he can best help the nominee defeat President Obama if it’s not him.

Romney, he said, “is far and away the most likely” nominee. Looking back on the race, Gingrich said he has “no regrets” — he became visibly emotional as he discussed on Easter Sunday how his faith helped him through the campaign.

“I’m glad I did this,” Gingrich said of his decision to run, calling it “the right thing for me to do.”



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