Ex-GSA Head Rips Obama For Bush Blame Game

The former head of the General Services Administration blasted the Obama administration Monday for blaming its predecessor over the lavish Las Vegas conference thrown by a division of that agency.

Lurita Doan, who headed the agency under then-President George W. Bush until her resignation in 2008, told Fox News that President Obama’s team is trying to “divert attention” from its own scandal.

Obama officials last week pointed to rising costs under the Bush administration to suggest that the $820,000 Vegas conference could have been avoided — if only the Bush-era GSA had acted.

“Blaming anyone else for their own errors is an Obama administration stock and trade,” Doan said Monday. “They love to blame George Bush for all of their problems. The fact of the matter is that there can be no comparison whatsoever. And when you look at it, it’s one of these situations where there’s simply no way that you can excuse the kinds of excesses that went on.”



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