Does Romney’s Tax Plan Accept the Premise of the Left’s Class Warfare?

Daniel Henninger said Mitt Romney is not naturally conservative. He’s going to have to be nudged in that direction. That’s true. It’s not a particularly unique point, but still true. Now on Sunday night Romney was here in Palm Beach for a big fundraiser. Word has leaked out about some of the things that he said to the donors. These are things that he’s not said publicly in terms of specifics on policy, and one of the things that he talked about was a tax plan. He wants to lower rates but eliminate some deductions for the rich. And I have to tell you, folks, I’m not comfortable with the Republican nominee talking about special plans for “the rich,” special plans for “Hispanics.”

That was part of it, too. He was saying we’re gonna have to do some special outreach for Hispanics, special outreach for women. No, we don’t. Not as conservatives. We don’t have to have special policies for this group and that group or special whatever. One of the tax ideas was to eliminate… Now, get this: Eliminate the mortgage deductibility on second homes. Now, that’s populism. We’re talking an amount of money that’s no different than the Buffett Rule. It’s a shame. His capital gains idea is also a little curious, because it, too, is targeting “the rich,” anybody making over $200,000 jointly and introduces progressivity into the tax which seems fair or what have you.



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