Conservatives Continue to Resist Mitt ‘Anyone But Obama’ Romney

If you have not been a supporter of Mitt Romney’s since the start of the GOP primary campaign, you may be one of those stubborn conservatives, those obstinate Tea Partiers, or those recalcitrant Constitutionalists, who are yet refusing to commit to Gov. Romney at this midpoint of the nomination race. Perhaps you are tired of hearing words like “coalesce,” “electable,” “inevitable,” and “presumptive,” and phrases like, “It’s time to get behind Mitt,” or “We really have to decide so we can ‘focus on’ Obama.”

It could be that your state’s primary won’t be happening for two months from now. Maybe you’re not ready to abandon your non-Romney candidate. And, maybe, that’s really not so bad.

Some of the exit polls conducted by the Fox News team during the Maryland and Wisconsin primaries were touting high percentages of people voting for Mitt Romney because of his recent endorsements by people like Congressman Paul Ryan (Wisconsin), Sen. Marco Rubio (Florida), and Sen. Ron Johnson (Wisconsin). Admittedly, some of these recent endorsements have been lukewarm, at best. Sen. Rubio’s “endorsement” of Gov. Romney did not even urge the other “non-Romneys” to get out of the race.

Though many conservative Republicans admire the congressional leaders who have jumped on the Romney bandwagon of late, it seems there are other, perhaps the more independent among them, who are still thinking for themselves and not relying solely on the opinions of others. Maybe that’s not bad either.



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