Comedy: The “Paper of Record” Promises “Hard Look” at President Obama

I think the funniest joke over the weekend has to be that editorial by the New York Times public editor. The guy’s name is Arthur Brisbane. The piece is entitled, “A Hard Look at the President.” Here we are four years, for all intents and purposes… (interruption) Well, yeah, if you count 2008. Four years into coverage of Barack Obama as either the president or presidential candidate by the New York Times, and they promise — in a piece on April 21st “A Hard Look at the President.” And get this. Snerdley, listen to this. Gotta know this ’cause people might call you about it. The last line of the New York Times piece… Which, it’s an editorial from the public editor.

The last line ends with: “Readers deserve to know who is the real Barack Obama, and the Times needs to show that it can address the question in a hard-nosed, unbiased way.” That is the funniest joke of the weekend! Four years into it, the New York Times is promising us that “readers deserve to know the real Barack Obama, and the Times needs to show that it can address that question in a hard-nosed way.” Now, this is just flat-out hilarious. Unless you think how much the rest of the news media depends upon the New York Times to lead the way in coverage. Will the rest of the news media now just say, “Okay, well, I guess we have to show people who the real Obama is.”



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