CNN Panel Erupts Over Hilary Rosen Comments: ‘It’s A Tactic Of Divide And Pander’

On Sunday, CNN anchor Don Lemon hosted a panel discussion with CNN contributors Will Cain and LZ Granderson on the controversial comments about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s wife Ann Romney made by Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen last week. Cain finally erupted over Rosen’s comments and said that Democrats have been dividing the electorate in so many ways that “you’re going to get internal firing. You’re going to get crossfire.” Rosen did that, says Cain, and now the party is in disarray.

“I know this is going to be contentious,” warned Lemon after he introduced the panel. Lemon than played the now infamous clip of Rosen accusing Ann Romney of never having worked as well as accusing Mitt Romney of being misogynist. “He [Romney] just really doesn’t see us as equal,” Rosen concluded. Lemon asked Cain if the Rosen comments would have made such a splash if she had just led with the misogyny line and had not said that Ann Romney had never worked “a day in her life?”



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