CNN: Obama Crowd Half the Size of ’08

While David Plouffe is the president, Axelrod’s the chief of staff, Obama’s out raising money. After his campaign stop in North Carolina today, he’s going on his comedy tour. He’ll be appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show and then with Jimmy Kimmel before being roasted at the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend. Snerdley, were you invited? (interruption) You weren’t? I thought you got invited every year to the White House Correspondents Dinner. I used to. I used to be invited, until it became widely known I would never go. I would never accept. Now the invitations don’t come in. It’s like last week Snerdley was all upset… Was it you or was it…? (interruption)

Oh, you know, my guest at the spring fling were all worked up. Apparently Vanity Fair had a hundred most powerful, influential, and one of my guests said, “How can somebody with an audience of one million people be on cable,” talking about Colbert, “be on the list and how can you not be? And TIME Magazine’s hundred more powerful people, how can you not be on it?” I said, “‘Cause I don’t go to the party.” I’ve been on that list twice, and I’ve never gone. They’re not gonna invite people that aren’t gonna show up. It’s a party invitation. It’s a party list, and I don’t go. I’m through being circus act.



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