Yes, conservatives can be more openminded than liberals

I once wrote a story that landed me in hot water.

It was a racy article about a blue Swedish love potion named Niagara and – gasp! – sex. The story created quite a stir in my neck of the woods, the conservative Bible belt South. For all the angst, I learned a valuable lesson in that drama 10 years ago: Conservatives are sometimes more broadminded than liberals.

As my colleague Karen Tulmulty wrote in the wake of the Rush Limbaugh fracas, she has experienced criticism from both sides as a journalist. But many times the “blatantly sexist attacks” have come from the left. I couldn’t agree more.

When I wrote about sex in 2001, it was the 21st century, after all, not the dark ages when cavemen dragged women by their hair to dark caves. The mantra “You’ve come a long way, baby,” energized women even if it was created to sell harmful cigarettes. Madonna had broken barriers in the 1980s with “Like A Virgin” and a coffee-table book entitled “Sex.” When my article posted on the website, Nerve, “Sex and the City” was one of the must-watch shows on television.

But some people weren’t at all ready for a real-life Carrie Bradshaw.



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