Why Are Cable News Networks Giving Free Airtime To Pro-Obama Propaganda Film?

As a liberal, this shouldn’t bother me. Yesterday, cable networks devoted whole segments to a film that presents President Barack Obama in a glowing, almost saintly light, even though it has little to no news value. The film focuses on the past, rather than on current events, and doesn’t present any new information (that’s why we call it “news,” knuckleheads), so even for a liberal like me, it’s hard to understand how these cable networks are doing anything other than trying to ensure the President’s reelection.

In addition to its utter lack of news value, the film is one of the most broadly-appealing presentations of Obama that I’ve ever seen. It features President Obama resolutely standing up for what he believes in, which will especially appeal to independents, but it also shows him sticking it to the ivory-towered elites of liberal academia, which will be veritable catnip for conservatives. I’m referring, of course, to the much-hyped film of then-President of the Harvard Law Review Barack Obama introducing Professor Derrick Bell, the first tenured black professor at Harvard Law School, at a 1990 protest of Harvard’s hiring practices.



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