What Obama Says About Oil is Demented

Obama, ladies and gentlemen, is “lobbying Democratic senators to oppose” to oppose the Keystone pipeline on Capitol Hill. Obama really did say yesterday that oil is an energy of the past. Oil is a thing of the past. Oil is yesterday’s news. And it’s strikingly bogus! Oil is all we’ve got, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Oil is great. Oil has allowed so much mobility and freedom and prosperity. It has expanded, increased lifestyles. It has expanded life expectancy. The benefits from oil are huge. It’s organic, it’s natural, it’s every bit as part of the earth as anything else that’s part of the earth is. Yet it’s portrayed as a poison, something that’s destroying the planet and so forth, and all of that is lies.

Now, this is simply a guy, Obama, who’s still living in his idealistic youth in college when you have people in the faculty lounge and in the classroom living in utopia in their minds, speculating about how perfect life could be. They drum up and create all of these villains and all of these enemies, all of these demons that are getting in the way. And there is this romantic attachment to something called “green energy,” which doesn’t exist. There is no energy earn oil that will get an airplane off the ground that can take anybody anywhere or cargo anywhere. There isn’t. And none of the green energy that’s being talked about now will do that.

There’s no solar energy that will fly an airplane. There’s no wind energy that will launch an airplane. Not anything that you’d want to get on, and not anything you’d put a family member on, and not anything you would want to put cargo in. Sure, there are gliders, but you get my drift. There’s nothing. Oil is it! It’s nothing that’s antiquated or in the past. It is the fuel of the engine of freedom. It’s exactly what it is. And the free flow of oil at market prices is crucial to the economic expansion and growth of this economy and people’s opportunity for prosperity along with it. And this opposition to it is absurd. It’s demented. Every green energy area that Obama has looked into has failed. It is corrupt.



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