What it comes down to is: who is going to control the money?

The basic difference between the GOP and democrats is how they each see who is going to control the money in the nation and in personal lives.

The democrat’s* position is that the government has the correct vision of how things should go (at least when they are in charge) in personal lives and public institutions and should funnel money from the citizens and corporations via taxes so that they can carry out their vision. (*Sorry, I know that it’s grammatically incorrect to not capitalize democrats, but I just can’t bring myself to give that much respect to a basically evil group. And what I mean by “evil” is: they are the party that promotes “sin”.)

So then how do democrats actually do when they are in charge (as well as those at the end of their liberal spectrum: socialists and communists)? Social and economic statistics say that they and their atheistic, humanist religion have failed. (Too long to go into here, but you can see this statistical breakdown in my book The Plague Of Liberalism at www.ThePlagueOfLiberalism.com.) I (and Webster’s Dictionary) call Secular Humanism a religion because it basically does what a religion does: defines morals (political correctness) and defines existence (atheistic evolution – which I show is not provable, whereas the Bible’s explanation is easily provable. And I give that proof in great detail in my book THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true (www.ConclusiveProofOfGod.com).

This is the crux of what is behind the phrase “bigger government vs. smaller government.” Bigger government is when the government is in charge of more and more of life and how it should go. Smaller government is when the people are in charge. Not that bigger government as an idea is bad, because I would be all for it if Jesus was in charge. But humans have failed to create harmonious, peaceful, holy societies when given more power. In fact they have created the opposite.

Therefore, the Republican idea is best. That is, people should keep their money, and then run their lives with it as they see fit, and push for public policies that are in line with their individual consciences based on policies that have brought harmony, internal peace and good functioning in their personal lives. That introduces the element of ideas and consciences competing, rather than being mostly helpless against the dictates of who is running the big government. And this competition would produce the best policies because now people would be deciding from their hearts, minds and God moving in their hearts. And when we hear people say that they are conservative because of “freedom”, what is meant is that people should have the freedom to determine how the government should be, not the government determining how people should be.

Instead, we have what we have – liberals doing whatever they have to to gain control of the media, entertainment industries and schools, then using censorship and devious sound bytes to poison the minds and hearts of the public so that they (the liberals) can gain control of governments. They also work hard to squash the competition … not with intelligence (as they claim) … but mainly with name calling and intimidation (legal, financial, emotional and even physical). For example, if you watch The Five on Fox News, notice how the four conservatives make intelligent arguments, while Bob Beckel’s responses are often prefaced by him sighing “Give me a break!” Actually I’m hoping that in this next election this country will be getting a break from the liberal’s dysfunctional ways of seeing things.

Dennis Marcellino is the author of THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true (www.ConclusiveProofOfGod.com), Why Are We Here?, and How To Directly Experience God (a step by step guide). These books can be seen at www.LighthouseBooksAndMusic.com. He’s also written two political books, The Plague Of Liberalism (www.ThePlagueOfLiberalism.com) and THE Solutions (Simple, Practical Solutions To The Biggest Personal And Societal Problems), which can be seen at www.TheOptimumPoliticalSolutions.com.



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