US REP BRAD MILLER (D-NC): ‘I’d Pull For the Taliban’

Democratic Congressman Brad Miller (D-NC) told AP’s Christina Rexrode that if Duke’s basketball team were to play a theoretical game against the Taliban, he would have to “pull for the Taliban”

Cute, but hardly impolitic. For that, we turn to U.S. Rep. Brad Miller.

After speaking with the state’s five-term congressman last week, Rexrode decided to call back when North Carolina State made the Sweet 16 as well, and ask about divided loyalties.

“The way I deal with it is, I scream my lungs out for Carolina,” Miller said. “I make no pretense that I am at all half-hearted in my support for Carolina. Nobody in North Carolina would trust a politician who claimed to be neutral on a matter as important as college basketball.”

Miller said he rooted for N.C. State against Georgetown, And when they play out-of-state. And any time a Wolfpack win doesn’t affect Carolina’s ranking.

Duke is another story altogether.

“I have said very publicly that if Duke was playing against the Taliban,” Miller said very publicly again, “then I’d have to pull for the Taliban.”

Guess who’s not running for re-election?



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