TSA: No plans for mandatory security screenings at subways, train stations

Christopher McLaughlin, Assistant Administrator for Security Operations at the Transportation Security Administration told The Daily Caller that the TSA currently has no plans for mandatory security screenings in subways and train stations.

“There’s no planning in TSA to do that today. That’s not our intent for that mode of transportation; that is not a model that we believe would be effective or viable today, so in the current world that we’re living in, with the current threat streams that we’re aware of, that’s not anywhere in our planning,” he told TheDC at the National Press Club after TSA Administrator John Pistole’s address.

McLaughlin also disagrees with proposed legislation called the STRIP Act that would require the TSA to refer to Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) as something other than “officers.”

“I’m incredibly proud of the people, the men and women of TSA that do the real work on the front lines every single day. They absolutely are transportation security officers,” he said.

“They carry themselves with a tremendous amount of dignity and pride in what they do, tremendous sense of mission and I think for truly they’re the ones who are doing that every day to keep the traveling public safe. Referring to them any less than a security officer I think would be a mistake.”



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