The Ridiculous Obamacare Debate

I want to try to make some sense out of what’s going on here at the Supreme Court ’cause there’s so much of this punditry. The predictions are just all over the ballpark. I keep falling back to one crystal-clear reality to me. Even yesterday I found myself getting caught up in this whole game. The whole game. Look at what we’re doing here. I know a number of you people agree with me here. I’ve talked to a number of you, and, my friends, we’re losing this country. I mean, it’s dangling over the precipice here, and yet we’re all succumbing — and it’s hard not to. Don’t misunderstand. This is not a criticism. We’re all succumbing to playing the standard game every day in talking about it.

For example, here we have the constitutionality of Obamacare, and the narrative and the template for discussing it is set, and it boils down to one thing: “How’s Anthony Kennedy gonna vote?” Can you believe that? That’s where we are. That’s where all the punditry is going. That’s where all of the prognostication centers: What’s Justice Kennedy going to do? It’s not a criticism of him by any stretch. But here we are, a nation of 311 million people. By the way, there’s something else that you need to know: There aren’t 50 million uninsured. There aren’t 42 million uninsured. There aren’t 30 million uninsured, and there never have been.

There’s an AP story today. I found it in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, but you know what the total number of people without health insurance is? When you factor the fact that everybody gets treated at the emergency room by law anyway, the number of Americans out of a population just north of 300 million is 15 million people. We’re doing all of this for 15 million people, and those 15 million people are young or wealthy and have chosen not to buy health insurance. And we’re doing all of this! If we’re not careful, we are going to lose this country. We are going to shred the Constitution in ways that it can’t be put back together.



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