The Cost of Contraception

Everybody else is going to be paying for it. Where is the money? Everybody else is going to be paying for it via their own health insurance premiums. And whether it’s a company provided benefit or not, it’s still money to you out of your pocket, money you never see if it’s in the form of an employment benefit or something. Of course! Now, you ask, “Why aren’t the Republicans talking about this?” That’s the point. They weren’t talking about any of this! This is a totally manufactured issue. How long do you think this Fluke woman’s been prowling campus in frustration waiting for her moment to go testify? You think this just happened and evolved naturally? All of this has been manufactured. None of this is real. It’s all trumped up.

And it’s all part of a brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed political plan by the Democrats. Obama was losing the women vote. In every poll you looked at, up until January, he was down big in women. He’s across the board, other than with blacks — and even with blacks, he’s formed African Americans for Obama. Why would he need that? So this is page 1-B of the Democrat Party playbook: “Scare Women.” That’s the title of the chapter. And then the various things in the chapter are “Accuse Republicans of wanting to deny them abortion. Keep them barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen. Take away their birth control pills.” It’s all there. They’ve tried this for years, decades.

Soccer moms, NASCAR mom, whatever. It’s all part of the playbook. They can’t go to women and say, “Look what we’ve done for you! Look at all the great things in our record that would warrant you voting for Obama again for four more years.” So what they have to do is go scare everybody into what the Republicans are going to do. If you think birth control is expensive now, wait ’til it’s free. When Obamacare fully kicks in. We are all being asked to pay for everyone’s birth control pills. That’s exactly, Jean, what this is about, a hundred percent. We’re all paying for it. That woman goes up to congressional committee and is asking for her contraception to be paid for so she can have unlimited, no-consequences sex. The congressional committee gets its money where?

Via taxes.

In all of their various forms.



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