The Architects of Our Debt Disaster Have No Right to Attack Paul Ryan’s Budget

Paul Ryan’s new budget is out. He’s the budget expert the Republican side in the House of Representatives. It’s a budget that deals with the problems that we have. The really shocking thing about Paul Ryan’s budget, which is the Republican budget, is that it does many of the things that voters sent the Republican Congress to do back in 2010. And that really ticks off the news media. The one-party news media is reporting the news of the Ryan budget, with AP calling it “an election year budget.” These venal Republicans never do anything except for political advantage! Yes, it’s an election year budget by Paul Ryan!

You never hear Obama and his “election year budget,” or Obama and his “election year” whatever. We’ve never heard from the AP or anybody else in the State-Controlled Media how the Democrats have refused to come up with any kind of budget for three years ’cause they’re afraid it will hurt ’em in the elections. The Democrats haven’t submitted a real budget! Obama has, but it’s one the past two-to-three years that’s never had a prayer. The last Obama budget that was voted on lost 97 to nothing. So he’s not even serious about it. Speaking of budgets, Mark Knoller of CBS News has committed another random act of journalism.

Mark Knoller of CBS News is reporting today that the national debt has now increased more during Obama’s three years and two months in office than it did during eight years of the George Bush presidency. The national debt has increased more during Obama’s first term than in all of Bush’s two terms, and we’re not even through Obama’s first term. In the real world, in a world of sanity, there’s not a soul — there’s not a single person, there is not one individual in the Obama administration — who can attack the Ryan budget with any credibility whatsoever. Not in a sane world. The Obama budget team are the architects of an abysmal failure. The Obama budget team are the architects of a debt crisis that threatens the very foundation of our country.

And yet they are all over the place (because it’s an “election year,” don’t you know) responding to Ryan’s budget and belittling it and pooh-poohing it and talking about how it doesn’t do enough for the poor and how it’s going to take away benefits from the poor. The architects of an absolute, literal disaster are the first out of the box to rip Paul Ryan and a studious, responsible budget effort. It’s just laughable. The whole thing is virtually laughable. These people do not know how ridiculous they’ve become. I’m talking about the Obama people. They don’t know how ridiculous they sound. They don’t know how incompetent people know they are. So this Ryan budget… Let’s listen to Paul Ryan. Let’s go to the audio sound bites here. We’ll start here at the very top. This is this morning in Washington up on Capitol Hill. Paul Ryan, Republican from Wisconsin, held a press conference to introduce the Republican budget. It’s called “A Path to Prosperity.”



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