Sierra Club Rebrands Global Warming

How many of you thought “global warming” was about saving the climate and the planet?

How many of you thought “global warming” was about actual science?

How many of you thought “global warming” was about the polar bears losing their ice homes and so forth?

How does it feel to realize now that all it is is the latest Democrat hoax? It’s the latest Democrat Party political move. It’s actually not the latest; it’s nearing 30 years of age designed to get you to willingly give up some of your freedom and transfer it to the federal government. The Politico, wittingly or unwittingly, has let it be known here that global warming is nothing more than purely political, and the Democrats think they’re losing it not because of the science (which is a lie). They’re losing it because somehow the politics just isn’t working its magic on you anymore. This story points out even the radical global-warmer types at the Sierra Club are realizing that people just aren’t buying the dangers of manmade global warming anymore and they’re trying to figure out why.

You know what really stumps them? Do you know what really stumps them? They thought the lack of a brutal winter in the Northeast would convince everybody that there was global warming. And, frankly, I’ve been sitting here wondering if that would have an impact, because people do associate the temperature on a particular day at a particular time of year with whether or not there’s global warming. That’s how effective the campaign has been. But apparently this warm winter has not changed anybody’s opinion on the whole manmade global warming business. Because the Sierra Club realizes people are not buying the dangers of manmade global warming.

So it’s the Sierra Club that wants to rebrand their message, or as The Politico says, “Their best bet now lies in a bit of a bait and switch…” That’s the Politico! That’s the two writers at The Politico. The global warmers now have to rely on a best bet in a “bait-and-switch,” which is something the left are past masters at. So now the Sierra Club is running campaign ads in swing states “featuring young children with asthma inhalers making their way through the Capitol.” Of course, hiding behind women and children is another thing the left are masters at. They’re gonna try to sell global warming with pictures of children with inhalers.



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