Should I Just Declare the Republican Primary Over and Anoint Mitt Romney?

I’m minding my own business yesterday — (interruption) put a stop to what? What do you mean am I gonna put a stop to the primary? I really don’t understand. What do you mean? Oh, no, no, no. It’s not time to put a stop to it, anoint anybody and say that we’re done. Newt’s not getting out. He’s gonna stay in through Super Tuesday. That’s where he’s got all of his money banked. This thing could go on as far as May. Santorum’s not going anywhere. Santorum doesn’t have a lot of money even now. Romney outspent Santorum six to one in Michigan. I mean just some facts about Michigan. Romney won by nine points in 2008. He won by three points last night but got more votes last night than he did in 2008. But the percentage of his victory in 2008 was nine. It was three points last night. Santorum — and this is preliminary, I’ve gotta double-check this all, but this is what I have now — Santorum won 57 out of 83 counties.

As of now, Santorum, who lost the popular vote, won because of the way delegates are apportioned. Seven of the 14 congressional districts, Romney has won six. So that’s seven and six, a total 13 out of 14. One is still too close to call. Now, according to what I’m told, the 28 delegates, of those 28 delegates in Michigan, Santorum will either win 14 or 15, something like that, the way things get apportioned because of the number of delegates and counties, districts, so forth and he won in Michigan. So it’s not winner-take-all. So when you ask me if I should pronounce it over, it’s not my job to do that anyway.

In fact, grab audio sound bite number two because this came up last night with Ted Baxter, who had Charles Krauthammer on, and they were talking about the Republican brand. I got two sound bites here, since Snerdley has raised this thing: Should I put a stop to it and just anoint Romney and get on with it now? Why do you think that? Just stop all this destruction, well, that’s what Krauthammer is saying. Krauthammer is saying the Republican Party’s brand is being destroyed with all of this. It may have been destroyed so much that it’s hard for Romney to win. Let’s go to the two sound bites. O’Reilly said, “If you see all the national polling, Rasmussen did one yesterday, Romney either wins or is very close in Michigan. I don’t know if he’s so much a weak candidate or in this situation where Republican conservatives dominate a lot of these votes.



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