See, I Told You So: Chicago Wants Romney

For the longest time, I, on this program, incurred the wrath of millions of you by suggesting, because you thought I had chosen sides, I still haven’t chosen sides. You thought that I had it in for Romney when I pointed out that — in my view, based on my instincts, my gut, study, my knowledge of who the left is — I thought they wanted Romney as the nominee all along. I thought that’s what Occupy Wall Street was all about was to set up Romney as the guy they were protesting. Romney is the kind of guy they were protesting. Occupy Wall Street. And, of course, Romneycare. I often thought that’s who the Democrats wanted. Another reason I thought that was because many on the left actually said so, and in other ways they indicated it as well by trying to tell us that they thought Romney would be the toughest challenge for them.

Now, when the party of Barack Obama comes along and says, “Yeah, I’ll tell you what, you guys, we’re really worried about Romney,” they wouldn’t tell us that if they really believed it, for one thing. But let’s go to the audio sound bites. This morning on Joe Scarborough’s show, PMSNBC, TIME Magazine senior political analyst Mark Halperin had a discussion about Romney and his USA Today op-ed supporting the individual mandate in health care.



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