Romney says Obama’s ‘failed leadership’ undercut US mission in Afghanistan

GOP contender Mitt Romney attacked President Obama’s foreign policy leadership on Sunday, blaming the president’s “failed leadership” for the growing instability in Afghanistan.

The former Massachusetts governor, appearing in an exclusive interview on Fox News Sunday, charged that Obama had failed to lead in Afghanistan, as well as with the intensifying situation between Iran and Israel.

Romney said the deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan could be traced to “the lack of the leadership on the part of our president.”

Romney pointed to Obama’s “interaction with (Afghan President Hamid) Karzai and with leaders there, as well as his relative detachment from our military commanders there and the fact that he published a specific date for a withdrawal,” as leading to the increasing instability and violence in the country.

Romney also said Obama “did not oversee elections in Afghanistan that would have convinced the people there that they had elected someone that they could have confidence in, [and] did not put enough troops into the surge, as what’s requested by the military.”



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