Reality Confounds the American Left

For all intents and purposes, the Supreme Court’s gonna vote tomorrow, or soon on whether to strike down Obamacare, whether to strike down the mandate or to uphold it as constitutional. There won’t be much discussion of the vote, as I have learned. They don’t debate. They don’t discuss cases with each other. They write. They circulate their opinions. To whatever extent those are persuasive, the justices might change their minds, but it rarely happens. In fact, throughout the media today you’ll find constant references to Kennedy and maybe one of the conservatives changing his mind. You never read about the liberal justices being forced to or being asked to rise above it and change their minds. But it has been an incredible week. This has been just an amazing week, folks.

I was reading a blog post today at Power Line, Steven Hayward, who has written some books on Reagan. We’ve interviewed Steven Hayward here at the program for the Limbaugh Letter, the most widely read newsletter in American politics. I was going through this and, you know, one of the themes that we’ve had this week is what is real, who is really smart, who is really engaged, who is it we are really up against. This has been an eye-opening week for so many people. The idea that liberal elites are smarter and run rings around other people intellectually was exposed as an abject fraud this week. The idea that they’re open-minded, the idea that they’re even aware of competing points of views, that was blown up as well. The level of arrogance that they possess is such that there are no opposing ideas except when they are confronted with them.

But would you like to know something? Every argument advanced by Paul Clement, who is arguing for our side at the Supreme Court, every question asked by a justice, every answer, every point about Obamacare that was made in opposition to it has been made for years. You could read the briefs in the appellate cases. You could have listened to this program. You could have read any number of blogs. It’s no secret. Conservatism is no secret. Constitutional Americanism is no secret. It’s out there. Anybody in the world can discover it. I am still blown away by how utterly shocked people like Jeffrey Toobin and others in the liberal media were that it went the way it went.



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