Polls Force Obama to Confront Rising Cost of Energy

Recent polling and voting data has forced President Obama to pivot his attention back to the rising cost and energy (especially the over rise in gas prices, which are closing in on $4 nationally).

In a speech at Prince George’s Community College, the President attempted to dismiss criticism from some that the policies his administration has enacted over the last 3 years are in part responsible for 33% rise in gasoline prices. The President also sought to dismiss Republican Newt Gingrich’s statement that if he wins election in 2012 that he has a plan that would bring down the cost of gasoline to $2.50 gallon.

President Obama’s statement this week should be seen as an acknowledgment that those in his administration are looking at polling as well as voting data from the Republican Primaries and are seeing that the overall health of the economy remains the number one issue with likely voters.



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