Panic on the Left: The Polls are Broken and the Voters are Stupid

I sit here and I marvel at the ease with which the Democrats and the left create literal false realities — not even realities — they create false illusions. This may be redundant to even say. But remember, folks, I opened today’s busy broadcast by telling you that there’s abject panic in the White House, and there is, and Obama’s speech to the community college students in Maryland today is evidence of a huge defensive posture when it comes to energy and gasoline and oil. These two polls, the Washington Post, New York Times polls on Monday, New York Times in particular, the president’s approval number at an all-time low in that poll at 41%. The whole war on women is not working. I’m still here. You are still here in larger than ever numbers, sponsors are still here and you are still patronizing them.

This guy that called yesterday from Michigan about his book, when he called he was at 302,000 on Amazon. At the end of the program yesterday he was at number four on the fiction list. Up from 302,000 to fourth place in fiction, all because of you in this audience patronizing his book just from essentially one noncommercial commercial. I was supposed to be gone. You were supposed to be gone. Talk radio was supposed to be finished. And as we played for you earlier, Wolf Blitzer wringing his hands together on CNN saying that the real casualty here may be Bill Maher, all the attention focused on what Bill Maher says. There probably is gonna be a crimp in Bill Maher’s act for a while ’cause everybody’s pay attention to it. Axelrod, Obama’s chief campaign strategerist, was supposed to appear on Maher’s show soon. He canceled. Not going to appear. So all this attention that they heaped on me has backfired and is focusing on areas that they had no idea people would care about or look at. But I want to illustrate some of this with some sound bites, particularly on the polling data.



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