One reason why this election is so important – decline is gradual

It was reported last week that New York’s Stony Brook University said that they would now start having classes on religious holidays. Yes, this is only one college. But it is in essence a beta tester for other colleges to follow suit. And that’s how evil starts to take over, as it has for the last 50 years.

For example, I grew up in San Francisco. And yes, San Francisco is only one city. But when I was growing up in the 1950’s, San Francisco was just as all American as any other city in the country. It was normal, religious, safe, and even conservative. For example, at the Cow Palace in San Francisco is where Barry Goldwater was nominated at the Republican National Convention for president in 1964. I attended that convention as an eager teenager, sensing that evil was lurking around the corner in the form of the beatnik movement and needed to be stopped. And the Republican Party was the one most likely to do the stopping.

The degradations that have happened in that city since 1964 are obvious.

Therefore, it is important to see the signs now and take them seriously and not look the other way. It’s easier to let aggressive liberal forces have their way and not come off as repressive or take their anger head on. But as I just showed with the San Francisco story, there’s a price to be paid for political laziness or intimidation. That’s why the November election this year is so important … not only for the presidency, but all races.

The San Francisco-spawned revolutions (homosexual, feminism, drugs, sexual, atheism) have led us to rampant abortion and divorce and STD’s, legitimizing homosexuality, gay marriage (which also incrementally is taking over state by state), enmity between men and women (and therefore broken families), rampant pornography and God being gradually eliminated from the mainstream. And I lived through them and fell prey to some of them and suffered as a result. That’s a big reason why I issue these warnings.

And evil is not going to stop with its “accomplishments” in San Francisco because it is fueled by unhappy people who think that breaking down the next social barriers is going to give them the happiness and deep fulfillment they seek. No, only God and following His ways has the power to give that fulfillment. But so much damage is being done in the meantime by liberals.

So please take these upcoming elections as not only serious, but urgent. Ideally, no democrat should win an election. And that’s especially true if a person is a Christian. And blacks and hispanics, who overwhelmingly vote for democrats, yet who overwhelmingly say they are Christian, need to recognize that when they vote for a democrat, they are voting for S.O.S. – servants of satan. And Catholics have also been voting mainly democrat for a long time (primarily just because of tradition). But the south made that switch in tradition and the Catholics have been gradually doing so too. How many realize that if Christians were to vote as a block for just politicians who want to restore God’s ways in this country, there are enough of us to win every election and make this a holy nation? And Jesus did pray that we Christians would be of ONE mind.

Byline: Dennis Marcellino is the author of The Plague Of Liberalism, which can be seen at



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