Obama’s Keystone Trick

Obama and the Keystone pipeline. This is such a neat trick, and this is a great example of how he couldn’t pull this off without a totally supportive and in-the-bag media. According to reports, our president, “Baraka” Obama, who doesn’t like oil — is afraid of it, is trying to get rid of it, is trying to wean us off of it — is going to go to Cushing, Oklahoma, today for a photo-op near the southern leg of the Keystone pipeline that he claims all of a sudden that he’s fast tracking! Barack Obama does this after months of steadfast opposition, passionate opposition, with detailed explanations of why the Keystone pipeline’s bad.

It’s not gonna affect the amount of oil we have! No, no, no, no. We gotta get ourselves off of oil.

All of a sudden now, he wants to be seen as approving the Keystone pipeline. He’s not doing that, folks. He’s going to Cushing, Oklahoma, for a photo-op at the southern leg of the keep on pipeline that he claims to be fast-tracking. He’s not doing anything about the northern half of the pipeline. It remains blocked. The northern half of the pipeline remains unauthorized. And that’s the argumentative part. That’s the part that’s gonna go through sensitive swampland or whatever kind of land in Nebraska. But Obama, it’s gonna be reported today or tonight, has authorized the construction of the Keystone pipeline.



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