Obamacare fight ‘soon to be over’? LOL!

Pretty soon the Supreme Court will rule on the validity of Barack Obama’s plan to have the government tell consumers what products to buy – in the Obamacare case – and then all those arguments will be done. After all, that is the highest court in the land, right?

LOL! As the new text-language expresses for “laugh out loud.”

“We are already looking beyond June and preparing for years of new court battles over health care mandates,” explained Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute.

“Without question, we expect the Supreme Court’s decision to have both immediate and long-term impact on the authority of the federal government on our lives,” he said.

In an unprecedented series of arguments over three days this past week, attorneys for the Obama administration argued that the government has the authority to specify which government-approved products consumers must buy from which companies – or be fined. The plaintiffs in the case said Obamacare simply goes a step too far, not by regulating interstate commerce, but by regulating people who do not participate.



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