Obama Returns to Demonizing Palin

You look at the exit poll data from Super Tuesday: Women, to 75%, economy’s number one, economy’s number two, economy’s number three.

Contraception didn’t even matter to women voters on Super Tuesday.

So the regime needs a diversion. They need something like they did this last week. They need a demon. They always must have a demon. They must have a focus of evil. I suspect their new one is (dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut!) Sarah Palin. Ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama — or a PAC, I forget which (I’m not sure; I’ve got the sound bite in here and I’ll get to it before the program ends) — is running an ad. Barack Obama is running a reelect ad against Sarah Palin, who is not running. So it’s time now for them to have a new demon. In this case, they’ve got to go back to the graveyard and dig Sarah Palin back up. And it’s bouncing off of the HBO movie, Game Change, which is all part of the plan.

It’s all part of a brilliantly conceived plan and what they hope will be a flawlessly executed plan. Now they’ve got the movie based on the book Game Change. They’ve made Palin and all these Republicans look like idiots. The heroes in that movie are the people who are portrayed as knowing Palin was the wrong choice and admitting that Palin’s stupid and all. Those are the two people that are the heroes in that movie. Palin is the new villain. They need her for the rest of the week. She is gonna get her fair share of treatment here. They’re running an ad against her. And she’s not running. So they need their demon, they need a diversion, they need something to distract everybody from the economy and what a disaster Obama has been for it — and they may well go back to this.



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