Obama Lied During Debt Ceiling Debate

A massive, long story at the top of the fold on the front page of the Washington Post yesterday on last summer’s very feisty debt limit battle. It is a story. It’s very long. No way would I even recommend you read the whole thing. Well, I might recommend you read the whole thing. I wouldn’t read it to you; I couldn’t. It prints out to ten pages. Front page Washington Post. And what this story points out is that Obama purposely, intentionally lied to the American people when he told us that the Republicans were not interested in raising taxes, that they wanted a cuts-only solution to the debt crisis. It turns out that John Boehner and Eric Cantor had indeed offered $808 billion in tax increases. Obama lied. He just flat-out lied to the American people about the Republicans and their position in the debt negotiations. He flat-out lied.

That’s on the front page of the Washington Post. You have to read awhile to get to that in the story. There are a couple-three other things that were momentous about it as well. So that’s yesterday, front page Washington Post. This story paints Harry Reid and Pelosi as practically irrelevant. Where everybody thinks they’re part of the problem, part of the obstacles problem, this story makes it clear that they’re just up there to do Obama’s bidding but that Obama doesn’t know how to negotiate. This story points out that Obama’s incompetent when he negotiates because he lies. He told Boehner and he told the country that the Republicans were not willing to compromise in an area, and they were all along.

Boehner said, “I don’t know what to do about this.” By the way, I had a meeting with Boehner not long before that. This was last summer sometime, and I had a meeting with Boehner here at the EIB Southern Command some months before that. I just casually asked him what it was like working with Harry Reid. And he said, “You know, it’d surprise you. If it were just Reid and me we could get a deal done.” Of course I thought he was off. “Oh, gosh. Don’t tell me he really believes this.” He did. He said, “If it was just Reid and me we’d get a deal.” He said, “Harry gets it.” I said, “Oh my. (groan)” This story says that. Or pretty close to it.



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