Obama is Anti-Progress on Energy

Obama did say in one of these sound bites earlier (impression), “We’re not drilling in the National Mall. We’re not drilling in your house.” Let me tell you something: I would love to have an oil rig in my house! I wanna be very honest with you. I would love to be sitting in my skybox overlooking the ocean and right out there in my backyard, right there on the dune, see an oil derrick. I would love it! (interruption)

To heck with the turtles. I wouldn’t turn any lights on it. The only thing about the turtles is the lights. We’ve gotta keep the lights off so the turtle hatchlings go to the ocean. I wouldn’t turn the thing on. I wouldn’t light it up. Turtles would never know it’s there. Yeah, wouldn’t you like to have an oil derrick in your backyard? Wouldn’t you like to have a chance to be the Beverly Hillbillies? I’d sit out there at my skybox and I’d watch with great pleasure and great pride. Oil is prosperity. I’d love to discover gold and diamonds on my property, too.

There is no evil CEO in charge of the recipe for oil who is secretly making it somewhere knowing full well that it pollutes and destroys and kills, ’cause it doesn’t do that. Do you ever stop to ask yourself, “Wait a minute, now! Algae or corn, what’s the difference between all that and oil?” We can’t use algae for anything like we can use oil for. Now, I bring this stuff up because these are techniques and tactics used by the Democrats and the Democrat Party to advance their political agenda, which is the expansion of government and more and more control over individual lives. Loss of freedom. That’s what this is all about. There’s no difference in oil and algae in terms of being organic, being natural, being part of the earth. The oil was here before we were.



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