Obama Continues to Lie About Oil

Now, what our last caller, Michael, was saying is an interesting point. Obama… Think of this, now. Obama knows that if he could get gasoline to $2.50 or kilowatt energy at 5¢, he’d be reelected in a slam-dunk. What’s Obama doing? President Obama’s out there saying, “I can’t do anything about it. There’s nothing we can do.” Isn’t that a striking contrast, by the way, from when George W. Bush was president, when a president could do anything? You had John Kerry demanding he go talk to the Saudis, “jawbone” them down to $75 a barely, whatever. “Bush coulda done it! He coulda done it! But he didn’t want the oil price down,” Obama and all the other Democrats said. “They don’t want the oil price down. No, no, no. Because Cheney’s with Halliburton and all those guys are making big money off Big Oil.”

This is their constant lying and impugning of the intentions and the character of Republicans. Now Obama says, “I can’t do anything about it. There’s nothing a president can do,” which is the true statement. But what Michael was saying is if Obama could get gas down to a buck-and-a-half or $2.50, or the price of energy (a kilowatt-hour or electricity down), if he could find a cheap way to get natural gas into automobiles and trucks, he would be reelected in a landslide. And he will not do it. Why? Because that empowers the free market. That empowers the private sector. Don’t doubt me on this, because Michael’s point was when gasoline costs $5 a gallon, more people need food stamps. When gasoline costs $6 a gallon, even more people need food stamps, and who’s right there offering them? Obama.

In fact, who is advertising for new food stamp users? The regime. The Obama administration is actively seeking new food stamp users, because what Obama wants is a big government that he controls. When gasoline gets cheap, you have more freedom. You have less need for government. You’re able to take care of more things yourself. That’s not what Obama wants. That’s Michael’s point when he asks, “Where’s the electorate? Why don’t they see this?” I think they do. I think the electorate sees much more than we give them credit for.



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