Newt won’t exit, thought others should

Newt Gingrich is refusing to swallow his own medicine.

The former Speaker of the House (R-Ga.) rejects calls from Republicans to drop out of the presidential race, but he has a long history of telling other GOP White House hopefuls to do so.

Gingrich had often argued the exact case his doubters are citing against him now: that a prolonged intraparty squabble is self-serving and threatens to hurt Republicans in the general election.

During the 1996 presidential primary, Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-Kan.) — who resigned his Senate seat during the primary to focus on the race — earned Gingrich’s endorsement, and a fiery insistence that opponents clear the field.

He declared ex-Tennessee Gov. Lamar Alexander — now a senator — “finished” in his presidential bid after a loss in the South Carolina primary, mocking Alexander’s low poll numbers and inability to appeal to voters outside the Deep South.



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