NBC Host: ‘We’re Managing Expectations’ on Economy, ‘Especially For the White House’

Filling in for co-host Matt Lauer on Friday’s NBC Today, CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla seemed to suggest the media was helping the Obama administration shape public perception of the economy: “…we’re in a situation where we’re sort of managing expectations, especially for the White House.”

Quintanilla followed that admission by asking CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer about the upcoming jobs report: “Data’s been pretty good. If it’s not so good today, does that mean we’re suddenly once again going in the wrong direction?” Cramer replied: “I don’t want to think that. I think that there are many good forces at work.”

In his first question to Cramer, Quintanilla spun a decrease in jobless claims as the latest in a string of good economic figures: “Let’s talk first about another number we got this week, jobless claims for unemployment awfully close to a three-year low. Do you think the good news is going to continue today?”



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