Mitt Romney insists he wins by losing

Mitt Romney’s campaign stuck to its case that he’s still winning the GOP nomination battle Wednesday, despite the fact that the former Massachusetts governor placed third in two important Southern states that are part of the Republican Party base.

That argument drew a sharp rebuke from Rick Santorum’s campaign Wednesday — with aides saying Romney’s weak showing in the South means he shouldn’t be the party’s nominee this fall. And Newt Gingrich showed no sign of bowing out, despite failing to notch a win Tuesday.

A day after his Southern stumble, Romney and his campaign were doubling down on their strategy: sticking with its core team, stressing delegate math and pinning its entire message on economic revival.

Mitt Romney is convinced Republicans will rally around his candidacy once he becomes the nominee, saying there is “no question” the party will back its nominee in November, the former Massachusetts told Fox News in a contentious Wednesday afternoon interview.

Romney stressed his appeal to independent voters and said he’s not worried about winning over conservatives.



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