Lawmakers in Michigan are proposing free college to high school students, without costing taxpayers a dime. Tracy Byrnes asked on Cashin’ In, “Where’s the drive and the incentive to want to graduate to get into a good school?” Byrnes continued, “Not every kid should be in college. We need people to do other things … it is a silly silly idea and we cannot afford it.”

Wayne Rogers said that smart students always find a way to get financial aid or scholarships for college. He this kind of legislation is “insane” pointing out that, “We have free education in secondary schools today and look what a mess that is.”

Sally Kohn called him a little “out of touch”, saying that there are a lot of students who have to decide where to go to college based on what they can afford. She told Wayne, “If you’re suggesting that people’s decision as to which college they can go to is driven solely by what they get into and not by the finances, I think you’re really not in touch with reality.”

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