Media Shocked by Obama’s Big Drop in Polls

Now back to the polling data. As I say, in the New York Times/CBS poll you could almost hear the panic as you read the words off the page. This is an all-time low for Obama: 41% approval. It’s an all-time low. They don’t mention that in the story, and you notice also here that Obama has such poor approval numbers even though two-thirds of those polled think the economy’s getting better. Two-thirds of this poll think the economy is getting better, because they’re following all of the garbage that’s being reported in the mainstream media. They are confused.

People are saying, “Okay, uhhhh, we’re being told the economy is roaring back and growing back and all these new jobs are being created, but where is the growth and where is all the new tax revenue?” We had the largest deficit in the history of this country in the month of February. It’s only 29 days! The largest deficit, monthly deficit in the history of the country. Where’s the economic growth? Where’s the tax revenue? If there was economic growth we wouldn’t have had the largest deficit in American history. Now, the Times tries to pin Obama’s downturn on rising gasoline prices, and on the ignorant 54% of poll respondents who believe a president can do a lot to control gas prices.

Fifty-four percent in the poll believe the president “can do a lot to control gas prices.” Now, why would they think that, folks? Why would 54% of the American people think that? You want to know why? Because during the eight years of George W. Bush the media and the Democrat Party spent practically every day blaming Bush for the price of gasoline and for everything else that they dreamed up or imagined was bad or going bad. So it’s after eight years of the Drive-By Media — sycophants for the Democrat Party, willing accomplices — attacking George W. Bush for high gas prices. And let’s not forget the Democrat Party itself with John F. Kerry (who served in Vietnam, by the way), and every one of these other Democrats out there saying, “Bush has gotta do something about gas prices!

“He’s gotta meet with the Saudis! He’s gotta do something. He can’t drill, though! No, no, no, can’t drill. But we got a problem here with Iran.” Do you realize how incompetent Obama sounds when he talks about why we can’t drill? “Well, we can’t drill. It’d take two to three years, but the reason I’ve got my hands tied here is because of Iran.” Well, okay, so let’s get our own domestic supply. “Nope, can’t drill. That’d take too long. Keystone pipeline? No, the pipeline could pollute the land with the oil. Nope, can’t do it.” So, on the one hand, Obama blames Iran, blames the Middle East “instability” for the high price of gasoline and oil. While at the same time denying, refusing the opportunity presented to him to do anything about it.

Does he not know how ignorant he sounds?



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