Media Portrays Obama as Gas Price Savior

Yesterday when we heard that they were gonna release oil from the Strategic Reserve, I asked, “Why now? There’s no electoral benefit. There’s no interruption in our oil supply and there’s no shortage. There’s no emergency, there’s no crisis in terms of supply. You don’t release oil from the Strategic Reserves (which are about a 36-day supply) just because prices go up unless you’re doing it for political reasons,” and, of course, Obama is. So Carney didn’t deny that they had discussed using the Strategic Reserves. He just denied that a deal had been reached on the release or the timeline. So I think this Reuters story was an embarrassing leak of Obama’s strategic plans for his reelection.

Because Reuters hasn’t pulled it. I don’t have any doubt that they have a deal and a timeline to release oil from the Strategic Reserves, but they’re not gonna do it until there’s some political benefit to it. Speaking of political benefit, let put something else out there. I was talking to a good friend the other day about this, and we were discussing possibilities of something happening on a scale of one to ten. Let’s say it’s October. No, no, not “October Surprise.” I’m not going there, ’cause this wouldn’t be a surprise. But let’s go to October under our hypothetical here, and let’s say Obama’s still at 41%, and let’s say the gas prices are higher. Let’s say it’s looking bad.

What do you think, on a scale of one to ten, the possibilities are of Obama attacking (the United States attacking) Iran to shut down its nuclear program in October? Where would you put that possibility on a scale of one to ten? And let’s add something else to it. The president announces that we’re taking military action. “We have conclusive proof now.” This all hypothetical. This is October. “We have conclusive proof they’re building a nuclear weapon. We’re not gonna let it stand! I’ve said all along as president, we’re not gonna be let it stand.”

They launch the attack, whatever, and then say, “We can’t — in the midst of this important move regarding American foreign policy, we can’t — change horses in the middle of the stream. We can’t pass this on to another administration.” What are the odds? Where would you put that on a scale of one to ten being possible? If gasoline prices are still this high or higher by October, then inflation will have gone through the roof. So some kind of distraction will be needed, and a distraction that theoretically would unite the nation. I’m just asking.



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