Media Distortion: The Economy Roars Back

There’s an interesting story to start with today. This is a Politico story, and it was out last night. Obviously this story was written before this morning’s unemployment report came out. Now, the unemployment number, 8.3%, no change, and you would not believe the way this is being reported. Why, we are in a roaring-back economy. We have got a recovery that’s unprecedented. Have you noticed it, Dawn? No, I mean the reporting. Wherever you look on radio, television, and print, you would believe that we are sitting atop the greatest powder keg of an economic recovery that there ever has been. It is universal.

Folks, I addressed yesterday the reason that there seems to be back and forth, up and down mood changes in this country. Really, if the media in this country were as suspicious of Democrats as they are of Republicans, if the media treated powerful Democrats with the same suspicion and curiosity and doubt and dare I say dislike and hatred as they treat Republicans, you’d have an entirely different media landscape, you’d have an entirely different national mood. It’d be profoundly different. But that’s not the way it is. The media is now just willing accomplices of the Democrat Party, and particularly Barack Obama. So you get a distorted view of life in America as seen by and reported by the vast majority of what’s called the mainstream media. We call them the Drive-By Media, the State-Controlled Media. And today is a great example.



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