Media Continue Anti-Religious Attacks on Tebow

Wherever devout Christian quarterback Tim Tebow goes, he is dogged by the hatred of those who cannot stand him or his faith. Tebow was traded from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets amid much media fanfare, and some sportswriters naturally used the occasion to engage in personal attacks on Tebow, his religion, and his fans.

MSNBC invited Nation sports editor Dave Zirin to give his opinion on Tebow’s move to New York. Zirin bizarrely argued that “there are a lot of LGBT people that live in New York City who are also football fans”and that “the new, possibly, starting quarterback for the New York Jets wants them to move backwards 30 or 40 years.”(The Denver Broncos refused to participate in anti-heterosexual Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better Project” when Tebow was still on the Broncos, drawing the ire of the gay community and the left-wing media.)

Other writers also used the occasion to launch biting attacks on Tebow and his fans. writer Dan Bernstein called Tebow fans “lunatic-fringe cultists,” and pronounced Tebow to be “little more than an affable simpleton.” The Atlantic put out a piece with the mocking headline “New York City Sports, Now with Even More Jesus.”



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