Left Blames Me for GM Volt Layoffs

There was this headline. This was at a George Soros-funded think tank called ThinkProgress. “Limbaugh Attacks Help Put Chevy Volt Workers Out Of A Job.” You didn’t see that over the weekend? Well, General Motors shut down Volt production until April because nobody’s buying them. And so to fit the meme that had been established last week, it’s my fault. And why is it my fault? Because I’ve made fun of the Volt. It’s not that the thing costs more than people could afford. It’s not that people don’t want the Volt. It’s not for any reason other than me and other media critics. General Motors is saying me and other media critics have poisoned people’s minds against the Volt.

I predicted before they made it that it was not gonna be something that the American people make a mad dash for. There’s no market demand for one of these yet. But I’m reminded of what Nancy Pelosi has said, that unemployment compensation stimulates the economy. So the right way to look at this is if I have helped put the Chevy Volt workers out of work then that’s really not the case. These 1300 workers are getting unemployment checks and they can finally stimulate the economy. The headline ought to be: “Limbaugh Jolts Economy by Forcing Volt Layoffs.” Folks, I’m telling you, if you’re brand-new to the program, Nancy Pelosi of the Democrat Party, the former Speaker of the House has said time and time again, unemployment checks, extending unemployment beyond 99 weeks stimulates the economy, people not working stimulates the economy.



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