Hume rips Obama documentary: ‘Winners take responsibility. Losers blame others’

Last week the Obama campaign released a 17-minute documentary intended to highlight the accomplishments of President Barack Obama’s term to date. The film, narrated by Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, has been criticized for being backwards-looking instead of focusing on the future, as some pundits suggest campaigns should.

However, Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said the film’s biggest problem was not dwelling on the past, but dwelling on who to blame for the past.

“And he said he would not dwell on blame,” Hume said on Sunday’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday.” “I am surprised Tom Hanks could get that line out without coughing. This president is notable — and I mean look, politicians do this, this is not the biggest crime that ever happened — but this president has been notable … for blaming others. For the longest time, of course, it was former President [George W.] Bush who got all of the blame for the problems.”

Hume told viewers that the Obama campaign’s efforts to lay blame will give a bad impression.



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