House Members Ask Sec. Clinton Not to Showcase ‘Fracking’ Propaganda

Thirty-two members of the House of Representatives have asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to remove a factually inaccurate environmentalist documentary from the list of featured films at a State Department event showcasing “contemporary American society and culture.”

The documentary, Gasland, spread hysteria about the natural gas mining technique hydraulic fracturing, using numerous factual misstatements, exaggerations, and misrepresentations. Its inclusion in State’s event was first reported by Scribe last month.

The 32 House members accuse State of pursuing a “radical environmental agenda,” as evinced by its inclusion of Gasland in the event, and its role in blocking the Keystone XL pipeline.

“This agenda runs counter to the vast majority of Americans who want responsible American-made energy,” the letter states. “Therefore, this film does not ‘reflect contemporary American society and culture’ and should not be promoted by the federal government.”

The letter also objects to Gasland’s “factual errors and misleading statements about hydraulic fracturing.” Scribe noted some of those inaccuracies in our initial report on the event. The Independent Petroleum Association of America has compiled a more comprehensive list.



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