GOP Accused of Waging “War on Women,” as Obama Negotiates with the Taliban

A famous… Well, “famous” to people in politics. A famous liberal Democrat strategerist is puzzled. She doesn’t know why women are voting for Santorum. She doesn’t know why women are voting for Republicans. She doesn’t know why I’m still on the air. And she was really flipped out when she learned that Santorum sent out an advertising flier with a quote from me on women that helped. She admits to being stupefied by all this. We have a lot to do here today, folks. Apparently nothing is sacred anymore. There are news reports today (and I have it right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers) that an Indian tribe in Wyoming… (interruption) Now, how can I be anti-woman? I even judged the Miss America Pageant. I even had Miss America on this program that year.

And, meanwhile, the Obama campaign’s running an attack ad against a woman who’s not even in the race, who is a private citizen: Sarah Palin. And yet it’s the Republicans who are accused of waging a war on women. I was watching Hannity last night and they’re still trying to make that case that there’s a terrible, terrible war on women. Why doesn’t what’s happening to Sarah Palin outrage the NAGs? Why doesn’t it bother ’em? Well, we all know. Meanwhile, the same Obama regime (which is running attack ads against Sarah Palin, a private citizen) is negotiating with the Taliban, promising to give them five of their top terrorists back. The Taliban, by the way, throw acid in the face of girls if they want to go to school.

This is the group that President Obama making deals with: The Taliban (or, as he says, the “Tal-ee-bahn”), the same Tal-ee-bahn waging a real war on the women of Afghanistan each and every day and twice on Fridays.



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