Every Liberal Solution to a Problem Inevitably Makes That Problem Worse

There are really two despicable AP stories today. Quote: “Among the things the government can do to bring relief to drivers is reduce gasoline taxes or push to get more fuel-efficient cars on the road. The first new fuel standards since 1990 are just now going into effect, and the US auto fleet is more efficient than ever.” So why is the price still going up? I want you to think about something. We have, as required by federal law, had more and more stringent fuel efficiency standards for 20 years. We had the catalytic converter. We’ve had all kinds of limits on emissions.

We’ve had cars produced. We’ve had little puddle jumpers out there that get a lot of gas mileage but no power. We’ve been doing this for a long, long time is my point. It’s not just… This idea that fuel efficiency standards that were implemented in 1990 are just now going into effect is a crock! I’m sitting here and I’m recalling during the Clinton years we did parodies on them. On Clinton and all of the new CAFE standards. Now, that’s in the nineties. Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency, the CAFE standards. And they were raised, and they’re raised every three or four years, meaning that every manufacturer of automobiles (when they combine the whole fleet of cars and trucks they manufacture) the average miles per gallon’s gotta be X. It goes up, and it’s been going on for 25 years.



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