Establishment Frets Over Mitt

Romney’s tired and therefore saying not smart things, which are giving you idiots out there the impression that he’s not more electable than Santorum, which guys like Steve Schmidt know he is because they’re the experts. They know Romney’s much more electable but they’re frustrated. Mitt Romney can’t bring it off. Now, this is before Romney won. We went back to last night. But they’re still puzzled. Why can’t this guy do it right? Why can’t this guy bring it off? If I’m Romney, “What do I have to do to please you people?” If I’m Romney, “I won this thing. I led this thing, what do I have to do?” It appears that no matter where you look there’s some people… I guess the establishment is what we’ve heard is true, getting nervous.

And let’s see. One more. David Brooks from the New York Times. Where was he? Ah, we have something other than MSNBC. He was on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Oh, wait, Jim Lehrer retired, didn’t he? Did Jim Lehrer retire? That’s too bad. I don’t get to say The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer anymore. Ah. Darn it. So it’s The NewsHour with Gwen Ifill. By the way, I saw a quote from Gwen Ifill today. This is pretty indicative, too. She was very happy. She was thrilled and excited when she learned that Jon Stewart watches her show. That made her day. She was saying, (imitating Ifill) “Yeah, Jon Stewart listens to me. Jon Stewart watches my show.” That’s what she said, Snerdley, that’s what she said. Everybody’s got their own standards. Judy Woodruff was the fill-in coanchor on The NewsHour on PBS talking to David Brooks. She said, “When we hear Romney today again taking some responsibility, saying, ‘Well, if I were willing to make incendiary comments, if I were to light my hair on fire, I might be doing better,’ what does that mean?”



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