Don’t Be Depressed by an Alternative Reality, Move to Realville and Live with Me

They care about people, have compassion, and they’re interested in “fairness” and all this other nebulous stuff. Frankly, I think it’s what gives a lot of people challenge and frustrates a lot of people in trying to deal with it because, I don’t know about you, I’m not an expert in dealing with people who lie. I call ’em on it — and, if they’re pathological, then you’ve got a problem. You become a threat, and they’ve got to do something about you. But I live in Realville, and when I’m confronted with people who believe something that’s total BS, I want to try to persuade them that they’re wrong. Or better yet, set up circumstances where they will end up persuading themselves.

Because you never will persuade people by getting in their face and shouting at them or pointing a finger at them or making fun of ’em, impugning, laughing at them, what have you. It has to be done in an entirely different way, but still it’s something I think needs to be done. I believe that an informed voting electorate is the absolute best way to affect long-term, positive, deep-rooted change in the country. So if I had to say there’s a mission statement to this program, it would be: to create that very large, informed, educated, engaged voting public that also lives in Realville. But if somebody came to me and said, “Look, you got a problem with women. Your numbers on women are down. You’ve gotta change your attitude on abortion or at least you gotta stop talking about it.”

I said, “The hell with you! That isn’t gonna happen.” In politics, it’s, “Oh, okay, what do I have to say?” And in politics they start modifying their statement or their beliefs or they don’t bring it up at all, and otherwise accept a phony premise or a lie, and then try to survive whatever they’re dealing with by getting those people to eventually vote for them. One of the examples right now is this silly notion that — take any Republican, Santorum, Romney, Gingrich. There’s not a’one of them that poses a threat to women in the real world. Not a’one of them. Not a’one of those guys wants to leave their house and go to the home of any woman and tell ’em how they have to live.



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