Dictatorship Plan For America 2012

This is a bit of an older video of Glenn Beck’s, but with the recent executive order of President Obama it should be a reminder to everyone of the ultimate goal of the Obama regime.

“These are the people that we have found are surrounding the President of the United States. Richard Trumpka. Andy Stern. [Van Jones] A communist ‘9-11 Truther’. … Georges Soros, is really the king and the king-maker. He’s the guy with the money. … Cass Sunstein, is ‘the most dangerous man in America’. … Samantha Powers, the wife of Cass Sunstein. She’s an adviser to the President of the United States. … Meanwhile our President [Barack Hussein Obama] is telling us, ‘don’t watch regular TV, Al Jazeera is the one in the White House and the State Department’. Hillary Clinton, says, ‘hey, we love it’. … John Holdrin, our science czar, who said ‘we should sterilize people’. Put sterilants in our drinking water. … John Podesta, is the guy from Center For American Progress, which is the think-tank which helped put together the Apollo Alliance and everything else. … [Steven Lerner.] [Jeremiah Wright.] [Michael Pfleger.]”

“If you collapse the system and the American people know it, they’ll revolt. Remember it’s — BOTTOM UP, TOP DOWN, INSIDE OUT. That’s the theory, right? So people are going to rise UP. They want you to rise UP. They need you to rise UP. That’s why they have the thugs and the marxists. Because if you won’t do it, they’ll do it. And then you will beg them [the complicit government], beg them, ‘I want to be secure, I want to be secure, come DOWN’. But if you’re on to them and you know they want you to [have them] come DOWN, what happens? What did Octavia do in [ancient] Roman?”

“I really truly believe the ‘O’ for Obama should be Octavia. He is the first Roman Emperor. Remember, Roman is a Republic and then it just falls into chaos. And so Octavia comes in. The BOTTOM rises UP, ‘make it stop, Octavia’. And so he comes DOWN, but he leaves them with the illusion of a Republic.”

“So, the real question there is, what is the illusion of the Republic that George Soros has planned? Because if we all know, if we all know this guy [Obama] is in bed with all these guys [thugs, ringleaders, marxists, controllers], and we know that, you won’t sit down. … “There has to be the illusion of the Republic remaining. That’s what you look for. That is, I think, what’s coming in the next year, is the illusion that these guys [thugs, marxists] are somehow or another ratted out, to satisfy, after you cry out ‘TOP DOWN, protect us’.”



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